The usage of exRNAdisease database is as follow.

1. Overview of exRNAdisease
     1. Main functions of the database are provided in the menu bar.
     2. Main statistics of the database.

2. Search Database
     The SEARCH page is displayed as follow
     1. Select a category: Three choices are provided.
     The key words should separated by newline character

3. Search Result
The Result page is displayed as follow.
In the Result page, all associations are listed with basic information.
     1. Total amount of results.
     2. Click to link to the Entry Detail page.

4. Browse Database
The BROWSE page is displayed as follow.
Associations can be displayed selectively according to selected conditions.
     1. Selsect RNA Types,Disease Types or Sample Sources.
     2-3. Selsect different categories.

5. Entry Detail
The Entry Detail page is displayed as follow.
In the Entry Detail page, you can get information including General Information, Disease Information, Expressin Profile, Regulatory Relationship, Experiment Detail and Reference.
     1. Click external link to get more detailed information in external databases.
     2. Click GEO ID to get more detailed information.
     3. Click the button to download the chart.
     4. Click PubMed ID to get more detailed information.

6. About Us
This database is hosted by Dong Lab
If you have any questions or suggestions about our database, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Email: ddong@xzhmu.edu.cn
Database Administrator: qqning@xzhmu.edu.cn & zhaolei_lane@163.com